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                             ​And the beat goes on"......

        Do you remember when vocalists sang instead of rapped... the bass didn't overwhelm the melody... and , "dancing meant moving your feet instead of gyrating unmentionable body parts"?   Do you long for the soothing rhythms of Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train"
or the haunting refrains of Billie Holiday's"God Bless the Child"?
If you do, you're in for a special treat.  You can take a "walk down memory lane" with one of Detroit's best kept secrets---Big Band Dancing with Ben's Friends Jazz Orchestra directed by Ben Pruitt.
     Ben's Friends is an exciting 19 piece orchestra that's been  delighting music lovers and ballroom dancers around the Detroit metro area for  at least 20 years.

     Although the big band sound is deeply rooted in Detroit's heritage, the present genertion of "young"people---from their teens to their thirties---have not heard big band music before, especially not "live" big band music.   They didn't grow up on Duke Ellington or Billie Holiday.

     Ben's Friends Jazz Orchestra(BFJO) is dedicated to keeping big band music alive in the Detroit area.  Considering the current trends in music, their task has not been easy.  BFJO's unique blend of jazz, pop, blues and swing offers a new musical experience to the younger generation and provides a nostalgic sojourn into the past for the big band dance generation.

Excerpts from a piece  by  Carolyn Ford Hardeman

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Upcoming Appearances
               Other Venues

    To be announced at a later date 

  ​​  Baker's Keyboard Lounge
       (Sundays $10.00 Cover)    
                 8:00-11:00 Pm
            March 26th
           April 30th
           May 28th
​           June 25th


  ​   Music Hall Jazz Cafe


            8;00 -11:00 PM  $10.00 Cover